My Story Begins At A Crossroads

I didn't know which way to go.

All I knew is that even though I actively built this fabulous New York City life with a dream job, great apartment, and wonderful friends, I woke up and didn't recognize the life I was living. 

Up until that point I had chased success in anyway someone told me to, which caused me to work really hard, and play even harder. This led to momentary highs followed by that same sinking feeling: "Is this it?"

Achieve. Burnout. Breakdown. Repeat.


Finally, I had had enough. I admitted to myself and to the Universe that this cycle no longer worked for me. Through this admission, I was guided to look at many patterns and choices that had contributed to the sense of not feeling at home in my life. This included coming to terms with my reliance on alcohol, partying, and external approval.

I didn't really know what it mean to live a "life of purpose", but I trusted my intuition that I could not be the woman of grace and dignity that I so wanted to be and to show up for the world in the biggest, most impactful way, if I was still letting my fear of deviating from 'the norm' run my life. In other words, I had to help myself before I could show up for the world.


I am on a mission to wake women up to the reality that when they align with their purpose, their self worth and net worth explode.

So began my journey of cleaning up my inner world so I could slowly start to make my life feel like home again. I began to disassociate from traditional notions of 'success' and 'normal' because they were no longer aligned with my values. Today, I am proud to say, I am only reliant on my inner wisdom. And life is pretty incredible.

It's that inner wisdom that guided me to work with other bold, ambitious women to help them to create a life and career that completely fulfills them. My greatest joy in my job at Google is helping businesses reach their highest growth goals online and inspiring them to think about their challenges differently.

I bring this passion and proven track record at Google to my coaching and consulting engagements with female leaders because I want to be part of a larger movement of realizing gender parity in leadership role in the private and public sector.

My work is devoted to helping women achieve anything they want with integrity, grace, and courage. I am completely in love with this work and have a healthy obsession with guiding others to feel the same way about their work. Because guess what? When you're head-over-heels in love with what earns you money, you effortlessly make more of it more money, more joy, and more impact. 

Sounds pretty good right? Want to know how we can work together? Click here