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Holistic Career Coaching


I work with purpose-driven, ambitious, inspiring women who want to breakthrough to the next level in their career and life.  If you have landed on this page, I’m guessing you might want that too and would describe yourself as...

  • Hungry to do something truly great with your career and life, but unsure what that ‘something great’ is. 

  • Feeling a lack of momentum at work, and stuck in stagnant performance. 

  • Experiencing an absence of fulfillment and meaning and an abundance of burnout in a few areas of your life. 

  • Being tapped to rise to the next level of leadership, wanting to be a leader, but sure what that could look like for you. 

  • Often called ‘successful’ and ‘inspiring’ but don’t always feel that way. 

 First, I completely get it. I’ve been there - stuck, stagnant, unfulfilled, and hungry to do something truly great with my career and life. I promise, there is a solution for more freedom and fulfillment than you can imagine. Second, congratulations. It’s only from this admission of defeat that a new way of living be created. You cannot fix the problem with the same thinking that created the problem.

This is where I come in.

As a Holistic Career Coach I am trained in the methods of transforming the inner world (mindset, behaviors, context) for external results (peak performance, new job, more fulfillment, clarity of purpose, direction).  This style of coaching fixes the root cause of your crisis while improving every marker of well-being, and performance that exists.

It is my job to take your dreams, your worries, the what-if’s, and the I-don’t-know’s, and to co-create a roadmap to reach the clarity you desire.  I’ve been told my Super Power is identifying efficient solution in the mess. 


What your Holistic Career Coaching program looks like:

  • 1.5 hour design session to layout your goals and create your roadmap. 

  • Coaching sessions to bust through internal blocks and build resilience. 

  • High-impact assignments designed to get you into action towards your goals.

  • In-between support via email/text/phone. Need support on the interview tomorrow? A hit of motivation? I’ve got you covered.


A. Identify Path for Change

Gain clarity into your goals and layout path to achieve these.

Journey: 6 weeks of weekly sessions and assignments.


B. Transform Mindset & Acquire Vision

Implement plan and gain momentum for career & personal transformation.

Journey: 24 weeks of biweekly sessions and assignments.


C. Achieve Lasting Impact

Create a new future for your career and life that feels exciting, and empowering.

Journey: 40 weeks with biweekly sessions and assignments. 


By the numbers*:

  • 100% of employed clients received a promotion.

  • 100% of clients transitioned to their dream job.

  • 25%: Average salary increase. 

  • 2: Number clients who started companies.

    *numbers based on client reported data in post-engagement feedback survey 


I would recommend Brooke to anyone really, but I think her style is particularly good for emerging and transitioning leaders. Brooke is great at dissecting the “messy middle” and helping to figure out what the real pain points are. Often when wrestling with something, I would get caught in the details of the challenge and lose sight of my larger goals. Brooke was both an accountability partner and helped me to compartmentalize the challenges into smaller, easier to tackle tasks.

- Regina Lindsey, Executive Director of Workforce Development 


 So, are you ready to invest in the future you actually want? Schedule an intro call here -- this one’s on me.