Client Stories


Randi Bushell, Founder/CEO at Merri, formerly Associate Director at Walmart eCommerce

Context: “I quit my job and realized that I didn't know what I wanted next, or even out of my career in general. I needed help clearing my head and needed guidance to figure out what I wanted. I needed someone to help me think, and then structure those thoughts into something actionable/meaningful.”


  • 3 month intensive program designed to gain clarity in her next career step, and a long-term vision an exciting career and life.

  • Weekly coaching sessions to bust through mental barriers.

  • Weekly assignments to get in action around job search, building business, creating more balance in life and schedule, and tapping into intuition.

  • Access to network of New York based VCs and thought leaders for business and professional development.

  • Feedback on initial pitch deck and early-days value proposition.


  • “I found the confidence I needed to start my own company, Merri.

  • I learned about myself. I was finally able to understand why I am the way I am through Brooke's exercises and explanations. 

  • I learned to trust myself. If something doesn't feel right in my gut, I now know what that feels like and adjust accordingly.

  • I learned how to tame moments of chaotic thoughts and translate them into productive internal conversations.

  • I learned how to recognize when I'm doing something for the wrong reason (mainly external validation) and how to check my ego.

  • I gave myself permission to live a balanced life and am the happiest I've ever been.”


Mary, Senior Manager at Away 

Context: “I was dissatisfied in my job and life, and knew that I had so much more potential and so much more to give, I just didn’t know how. I also needed some support moving 3,000 miles away from home. I needed someone to help me figure out what my purpose was and how I could live this amazing life that I knew I was destined to live”


  • 6 month transformational Holistic Career Coaching program

  • Biweekly sessions to breakthrough mental barriers to cultivate resilience; used methods grounded in ontologics, spirituality, mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology.

  • Impactful assignments tailored to accomplishing goals of landing a dream job in a new country, creating a resonant vision for career and life, overcoming fear and anxiety at work, and feeling fulfilled, confident, and actualized. 

  • Refreshed Resume and cover letter according to Google HR best practices.

  • Access to global network in tech, fashion, and ecommerce. 

  • “Brooke is an excellent listener and does an incredibly good job of picking up on certain comments that I make in order to dig a little deeper and resolve issues that I may not have noticed existed myself”


  • “Shifted out of a toxic work environment and into a new company and role that brings me so much joy.

  • Alleviated anxiety significantly.

  • Successfully transitioned into a new country and built a new community.

  • Ability to recognize challenges and deal with them in a calmer, more logical way rather than panic, stress and anxiety.

  • Installed a new, resilient mindset that allows me to take big steps to living a happier, fulfilling and more successful life.

  • I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!”


Lauren, Founder & CEO of Lotka & Co.

Context: “I connected with Brooke during one of the most challenging periods in my life. I had started a consulting business with a partner, built a well-respected business, fabulous team, secured investment. After four years of struggle I found myself disconnected and entangled in a toxic business partnership. Simply put I felt lost and stuck. I saw no clear path to success and it was affecting every facet of my life and all of my relationships.”


  • 3 laser focused sessions to bust through roadblocks in business and mentality.

  • Actionable assignments to reimagine desired future state of business and life.

  • Exercises to build esteem and confidence.


  • I left my toxic business partnership. 

  • I started a thriving consulting business.

  • Have all the freedom I could have ever dreamt of. 

  • I believe in myself again and feel renewed momentum. 


Regina, Executive Director of Workforce Development

Context: “I needed help figuring out how to grow from an individual contributor to a leader in a very short amount of time and limited resources at my disposal.”


  • 6 month program to breakthrough to the next level of leadership in her organization.

  • Biweekly coaching sessions to forward goals of transcending limiting mindset and embodying authentic leadership behaviors.

  • 360 degree interviews and personal strengths assessment to identify areas for development.

    Assignments between sessions tailored to practicing leadership skills, and busting mental barriers.


  • Promoted to Executive Director: “I grew as both a leader within my organization, but more importantly as a person.”

  • Embodied Authentic Leadership: “I grew out of behaviors that were a disservice to the type of leader I wanted to be and grew into the leader I am today.”

  • Newfound Confidence: “I felt myself becoming less unsure and passive about what I wanted and more confident going for it.”

  • Small shifts everyday lead to up to big change: “I learned how integral it was to make small changes every day in all areas that I wanted to see improvement. I was able to see how those small and seemingly insignificant changes created such large ripples in my growth.”


Caroline Copley, Artist & Entrepreneur

Context:I reached out to Brooke around the time when I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life. My career had not been serving me for a long time and this was my body’s way of saying “no more please.” Finding my purpose and doing something I love was the most important thing to me. It wasn’t until I started working with Brooke that I realized all the things I needed to work through in order to open myself up to my potential.”


  • 6 months of Holistic Career and Life Coaching.

  • Values, strengths, and core desired feelings identification.

  • Psychosomatic and mindfulness tools to bust through limiting beliefs.

  • Relevant assignments to meet goals of increased fulfillment, satisfaction, and confidence.

  • Guidance and expertise around a new business plan.


  • “From a place of healing, came so much growth and self-improvement. I have found a new career and a new purpose and even more than that, I have started to become the person I want to be.

  • I can now live in gratitude, be more present and work through my feelings by noticing how they feel in my body. 

  • I have tools to work through difficulties, feel my feelings, celebrate my successes and so much more.

  • I was able to heal past traumas, unearth some limiting beliefs, understand their origin and understand myself.

  • I would recommend Brooke to anyone feeling stuck and wanting more out of life. We all have the ability to be the people we want to be, and pursue our purpose in this world - and she can help you reach your potential.”


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