Brooke Taylor Coaching is a New York City based coaching and consulting firm that helps women and women-led businesses discover what success means for them in work, life, and business. 


Hi, I'm Brooke.

During my day-job at Google, I am tasked with changing the hearts & minds of C-Level partners, challenging them to adopt a growth mindset for their business. 


After 5pm,  I bring this skillset to women leaders and entrepreneurs, guiding them to unapologetically step into their purpose and power at work and home. 


I help ambitious, inspiring women to create a life and business that excites them.

I work with women who have hit many traditional markers of 'success', who are movers and shakers in many areas, who are bold, ambitious, and give a shit. But who feel like something still is not right. Something is missing. 

This works matters to me because I've been there.

Everything looked incredible on paper.

I graduated with honors from a top ranked university, I was climbing the ranks at Google, working with the best & the brightest, helping thousands of businesses grow online. I lived in Manhattan and when I wasn't partying with friends, I was working weekends to chase the next promotion.  

Yet something was incredibly off. I felt empty, unsettled, anxious and unfulfilled. I bottomed out on the work-hard-play-harder lifestyle, and begged the Universe to send help immediately. 

This began a journey of self-discovery and living into my future as the bold, authentic, impactful woman of integrity I so desperately wanted to be.  The teachers, books, and coaching appeared: I put down addictive behavior, got clear on my values, took daily, baby-steps into my power, and sure enough, I began to feel more at home in my life than ever before.

I found that what makes me the most joyful, excited, and connected is helping women create businesses and lives that they absolutely love.

This is my favorite part of working at Google and my favorite part about being alive during this day and age, where the world so desperately needs women lead and to tell their truth now.



Does my story sound familiar?

Maybe you know what that something missing is and you have done your darnest to get it but just can't seem to do it yourself. Or perhaps you have no idea what is missing. You feel lost, confused, and have no idea why your stellar resume, and supportive friends just aren't doing it for you, and you need help getting to the bottom of The Why and The How: why this is happening and how to fix it.

Maybe something is missing from your business and you need to get to the bottom of The What and The How: what is missing and how to implement it.  

I unapologetically empower women to accomplish their wildest dreams in their life, career, and businesses because I believe that the world desperately needs more women who are living in their power, more women-lead businesses, and more women in communion with themselves and others.

Here's How I Can Help:


One-on-One, Custom Coaching Program.


Business Strategy.

Consulting & Strategy With A Soul.


Topics ranging from leadership, to spirituality, to selling.