Transformational Career Coaching and Proven Business Strategy for Bold Women With A Mission.


Hi, I'm Brooke.

I guide women to transition their years of career success into new career path, new business, or accelerated performance that is aligned with service, passion, and truth.

I believe that solutions to the world’s greatest problems can be found by female ambition that is aligned with service, purpose, and a power greater than ego.

Brooke has that rare ability to put me at complete ease, and in so doing, allows me to look deep within myself to see what was is truly important and possible. I come out of every interaction with Brooke more at peace with myself, yet even more driven to accomplish those things that will most matter to me and the world.
— Noel Boyland, Chair of Conscious Capitalism NYC
She broadened my idea of what a “career” meant and gave me the confidence I needed to take a less traditional path. As a result of our work, I found the confidence I needed to start my own company and am the happiest I’ve ever been.
— Randi Bushell, CEO & Founder of Merri, Previous Head of Product at
It sounds cliche, but when I tell people about Brooke, I tell them that she has changed my life and I genuinely mean it. She has truly been such a force of good for me. I can’t believe I went this long without seeking help from someone like her.
— Luisa Dodds, Brand Director at Away

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