Brooke Taylor Coaching is a New York City based coaching and consulting firm that helps women and women-led businesses create businesses and lives of impact.


Hi, I'm Brooke.

During my day-job at Google, I am tasked with changing the hearts & minds of C-Level partners, challenging them to adopt a growth mindset to better grow their business.

After 5pm, I bring this skillset to women leaders and entrepreneurs, guiding them to create businesses and lives of impact that truly excite them.

I guide women to translate their years of documented career success into a business or new career path that is more truly aligned with their passions and talents. This is my mission because I believe that the world desperately needs more women who are living in their power, more women-lead businesses, and more women in communion with themselves and others.

Throughout my career at Google, I have helped to launch thousands of successful small and medium sized businesses online, delivering millions of dollars in new revenue for my clients and for Google. I know what Great looks like in terms of building a business strategy that is successful in today's digital environment and have a proven track record of marrying outstanding business strategy with soulful design. 

Helping businesses launch and grow is my favorite part of working at Google and why I needed to extend my services outside of the company to help purpose driven leaders to do the same. 

Brooke has that rare ability to put me at complete ease, and in so doing, allows me to look deep within myself to see what was is truly important and possible. I come out of every interaction with Brooke more at peace with myself, yet even more driven to accomplish those things that will most matter to me and the world.
— Noel Boyland, Chair of Conscious Capitalism NYC

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Business Strategy.

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Topics ranging from leadership, to spirituality, to selling.